BEN Forum

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BEN Forum

BEN Principles

Here are the key components of the BEN concept:

Regular meetings:

BEN members meet on a Monthly basis, to exchange business referrals and foster professional relationships. These meetings provide a structured platform for members to showcase their businesses, deliver presentations, and share referral opportunities.

Exclusive professional categories:

Each BEN team allows only one representative from each professional category or industry. This exclusivity ensures that members do not compete with each other within the team and enables them to refer leads exclusively to one another.

Referral passing:

BEN emphasizes the importance of actively passing referrals among its members. Members are encouraged to identify potential referral opportunities for other members and provide them with qualified leads. The more referrals a member gives, the more they are likely to receive in return.

Relationship building:

BEN recognizes the significance of building strong professional relationships. Members are encouraged to establish trust, get to know each other's businesses, and collaborate outside the meetings. By building relationships, members are more likely to refer each other with confidence.

Educational moments:

BEN meetings often include educational moments where members can share industry insights, business tips, or present on relevant topics. These educational moments provide value to members and enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Accountability and commitment:

BEN promotes a culture of accountability and commitment among its members. Regular attendance at meetings, active participation, and adherence to the BEN code of ethics are expected from all members. This commitment ensures the effectiveness and success of the referral network.

BEN Forum


Creating a supportive ecosystem that equips small businesses with resources, knowledge, and connections to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable success, ensuring their vital contribution to the economy and local communities.

BEN Forum


Empowering and protecting small businesses, fostering a level playing field for them to thrive and compete effectively in the face of corporate growth.